Ana María Vázquez Moliní

PhD in Chemistry
Ana María Vázquez Moliní


Dra. Ana María Vázquez is Associate Professor (credited to Professor) of Physical Chemistry in the Faculty of Education of Albacete (Spain) and co-head of the Phytochemistry research group. Since January 1985 he is research and teaching staff of the Physical Chemistry Department. He earned the title PhD at the University of Murcia (Spain) in 1992. Her doctoral thesis dealt with the kinetic study of coupled enzyme systems. After postdoctoral stays at various national and international centers, she began her collaboration with Dr. Villén focused on the development of techniques and analytical methods by direct coupling of liquid chromatography and gas chromatography (LC-GC). Co-inventor of the TOTAD (Through Oven Transfer Adsorption Desortion) interface her research has been directed to the improvement of the TOTAD interface and the development of analytical methods through that interface. She is co-inventor of nine patents and has published different analytical methods of food and environmental samples. In recent years, she has expanded her research line to doping control. She has published 41 articles in journals of high impact index and several book chapters (h index 16), also she has participated in numerous national and international congress and imparted lectured at various international universities (University of Valparaiso (Chile), Manila (Philippines), University of Santa Fe (Argentina)). She is habitual censorship of several scientific journals and has directed four doctoral theses and numerous Final Project Works.

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