Jesús Villén Altamirano

PhD in Chemistry
Jesús Villén Altamirano


Dr. Jesus Villén Altamirano simultaneously conducted graduate studies in Chemical Sciences and Agricultural Engineering and the tasks related to a grant of collaboration. After finish the studies, he worked for 9 months in Zeltia Agraria, a company dedicated to the manufacture and sale of pesticides, and since October 1983 he teaches at the now called ETSI Agricultural and Forestry. In 1993 he obtained a doctorate degree in chemistry from the Complutense University of Madrid. He is Assistant Professor and is accredited as Professor. Together with Dr. Vazquez leads the research group of Phytochemistry, previously called “Analysis by LC-GC coupling”. He has participated in 17 research projects (regional, national and international), being main research in 9 of them, as well as in five research contracts with companies. He is the author of 36 scientific articles in refereed journals and 10 patents, several of which extended to USA, Europe, Russia, China, etc.. The research theme has revolved primarily on the development and improvement of TOTAD interface for the direct coupling of liquid chromatography and gas chromatography and the development of applications of this technique to the analysis of food, environmental samples and analytical doping control in the sport.

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