Plant Conservation Biology and Plant Ecology

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La sección de Biología de la Conservación de Plantas y Ecología Vegetal desarrolla investigaciones sobre ecología de comunidades, ecología de poblaciones y biología de la conservación de plantas

Main activities and interests

The Section of Plant Conservation Biology and Plant Ecology researches on (1) community ecology, with special interest in successional models in semiarid environments with restrictive soils, species assemblage processes on the basis of the analysis of phylogenetic and functional patterns, structure and spatial patterns of the community, taking into account and connecting both community compartments, that is, vegetation and soil seed banks; (2) population ecology, with particular interest in plant-plant and plant-animal interactions, population viability models, population structure, spatial patterns of recruitment, effects of climate change; and (3) plant conservation biology, comprising many topics listed above, in addition to cartography, census, and threat assessment on species and ecosystems protected and/or threatened, with the main goal to transfer information in order to develop technical and pre-legislative informs contributing to the conservation of the flora in Castilla-La Mancha.

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